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  • Maple Lawn Farms & Winery
  • 2885 New Park Rd, New Park, PA, 17352 US

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Extra Bunches & More

  • Extra Lavender Bunch

    Extra Lavender Bunch

    Cut your lavender and fit the bottoms of the stems into our picking tubes, the gentle twist tie the bunch and take home to enjoy, dry, or decorate! We provide cutting scissors.

    $10.00 ea.

  • Mason Jar with Lavender bunch

    Mason Jar with Lavender bunch

    Real glass mason jar with a cute "Two lumps of Sugar" logo, metal lid ring, and a picking tube of lavender to fill it.

    $15.99 ea.

  • Starter Wine Tasting - 5 Wines

    Starter Wine Tasting - 5 Wines

    Tasting is a run through (5) of our wines such as Apple, Cherry, Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry and more by season. (Actual tasting varies by availability) *ID's will be required at Check-in Must be 21 or older

    $7.00 ea.

  • Full Flight Wine Tasting

    Full Flight Wine Tasting

    The Full Flight Tasting is a run-through (5) of our wines and (2) of our exclusive 18%ABV Brandy-infused Dessert Wines. (Actual tasting varies by availability) *ID's will be required at Check-in Must be 21 or older

    $9.00 ea.


Ticketing is limited and MUST be purchased online to guarantee admission to the event. (The Lavender Harvest has sold out in advance!) Due to our capacity, we are strictly limiting ticket sales BY DAY & TIME to ensure every guest gets plenty of pictures in the Lavender. I agree to adhere to the above-listed requirements for a safe lavender harvest. NOTE: Lavender are an agricultural crop and therefore subject to weather, growing conditions, and ripening variables. We cannot guarantee that the Lavender will bloom on a particular date, so prepare to be flexible by 7-10 days in your visit. Stay tuned on Facebook. for up-to-the-minute plans. The event is an outdoor event and therefore held weather permitting. Should a complete crop failure arise, tickets will be exchanged for Maize Quest Corn Maze & Fun Park tickets OR a Maple Lawn Winery upcoming event OR for Maple Lawn Farms fruit and merchandise certificates. NO cash refunds. No outside food or drinks.

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