Rules, Regs & Fine Print:

Your safety and the safety of our staff is the top priority. We are looking forward to your visit, and have just a few new processes and procedures for guests to follow:

  •  NO tickets will be sold at the gate.   Purchase the best day/time for your group with our timed-ticketing feature online ONLY.
  • Admission ticket holders should plan to enjoy the experience through 9:00 PM.  If you'd like to get the most out of the night, please reserve the earliest tickets. 
  • You MUST arrive at the time your ticket is purchased for.  Don't be cosmic late and miss your entry time.
  • ALL IDs (hard copy) must be brought to the gate for check-in.  
  • NO Outside Food or Alcohol permitted. 
  • NO Weapons permitted.
  • PREPARE for Security Bag Check at the gate.
    • NO pets permitted on site.
    • No one under 21 yrs old are permitted at this event.
    • Rain or shine event.  Dress appropriately.  No refunds for event tickets.
    • The date and time you have chosen are now yours.  Your place is reserved!
    • You will not be allowed back into the event once you leave, so make sure you have jackets, etc with you when you go thru Security Bag Check.
    • Drink responsibly. Irresponsible people will be escorted off the premises.
    • Smoking/Vaping is only allowed in sign marked designated area.

To keep things fun for each guest, tickets are limited!


Please choose a date

Pre-order drinks from the bar!

  • "Crash Landing" - 12oz of Out of this World Fun

    "Crash Landing" - 12oz of Out of this World Fun

    "Crash Landing" Our signature drink for Wine Your Way Out 2023 is made with Riesling wine, fresh lemonade infused with green apple and topped with a cloud of cotton candy. Includes a LED Flashing Ice Cube! YUM!!

    $12.00 ea.

  • Cosmic Slushie - 12oz pouch w/ straw

    Cosmic Slushie - 12oz pouch w/ straw

    Various flavors, including Blackberry Wine & Riesling Wine. We've prepared these slushies from our own wines & secret recipe- Choose your flavor that night!

    $12.00 ea.

Location Information

  • Maple Lawn Winery at Maize Quest
  • 2885 New Park Rd., New Park, PA, 17352 US
*21 yrs and older event ONLY. PA law REQUIRES ALL IDs checked at Event, even if you look or feel old, and we're going to check all IDs because we aren't risking our license, so please bring your ID :-) No photos of ID are accepted.

I agree to adhere to the above-listed requirements for a safe Wine Your Way Out.

No outside food, alcohol, or drink is permitted.
NO Pets per Federal Statute.
Please prepare for a bag check at the entrance.
Event held Rain or Shine. You are agreeing to the date and time you are purchasing this ticket.
No refunds or changes are given.

AGREEMENT AND WARNING: I understand and acknowledge that, except for limited circumstances listed below, an agritourism activity provider is not liable for any injury to or death of a participant resulting from an agritourism activity. I understand that I have accepted all risk of injury, death, property damage and other loss that may result from an agritourism activity. I understand that an agritourism activity provider is not protected from liability if the provider: (1) Performs an act in a grossly negligent manner and causes injury or damages to a participant. (2) Purposefully causes a participant’s injury. (3) Acts or fails to act in a way that constitutes criminal conduct. (4) Recklessly fails to warn or guard against a dangerous condition that causes injury or damages to a participant. A dangerous condition is a condition that creates an imminent and substantial risk of injury or damages to a participant.

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